In-house manufacturing and assembly workshop

Custom manufacturing

The TPU LLC specializes in providing comprehensive services for the production of both standard and custom-made products, meticulously tailored to the parameters of your vehicle or premises.
We have production capacities and qualified specialists who can bring your idea to life and manufacture the product from scratch or based on your drawings

Assembly from components

Our own assembly workshop, years of experience, and qualified specialists make us a trusted contractor that can carry out assembly of your finished product while meeting all customer requirements and using optimally selected components

TPU's Manufacturing portfolio

In pace with modern realities, we manufacture products that don’t gather dust in warehouses but those aligned with specific customer orders

Manufactured by us, the air conditioning and heating systems for the cabin and engine compartments in all-terrain vehicles and armored vehicles are among our best-selling products, proven in field conditions

Also, our engineers on demand assembled portable mobile heaters for temporary structures and premises; developed and tested a mobile hot water supply system

We have designed and produced a series of our own highly efficient air conditioning systems for tents, which have been launched into mass production and are actively used by the military and charitable organizations

All products meet modern requirements and standards, the equipment comes with certificates and a warranty period

We are producing

Kyiv 50
Universal vehicle АС Evaporator
It is specifically engineered to meet the demanding requirements of military vehicle air conditioning applications. The Kyiv 50 sets а new benchmark for performance, reliabllity and versatility in military vehicle climate control.
With а cooling capacity of 5 kW and optional heating capabllities, the Kyiv 50 ensures optimal comfort for personnel operating in diverse environmental conditions. Designed to seamlessly integrate as an extension of the main vehicle АС unit, including оп Ford F-series platforms, the Kyiv 50 delivers enhanced climate control without compromising space or efficiency
Kharkiv 90
Vehicle HVAC Evaporator (Frontbox)
It is an air conditiononing system with ventilation and heating function and is an ideal choice for military vehicles and anyone who appreciates efficiency and high performance under any climate condition. lt is specially designed to bе used as the main unit of the vehicle's air conditioning and heating system. Thanks to its compact design and dashboard integration, it is suitabe for various types of vehicles, ensuring efficient use of interior space
Borey Tent
Mobile conditioner for temporary structures and premises
TPU's unique project developed from scratch and produced at out workshops using high-quality European components

Designed for conditioning, heating and ventilation of tents and temporary structures. It is placed outside and connected to the inner space with flexible ducts. The condioner is fill with refrigerant beforehand and can be deployed and put into operation in just a few minutes
Borey Compact
Compact monoblock conditioner
TPU's own development, produced at our workshops. It was originally designed for mobile and stationary containers and KUNG-standard vehicle modules and trailers

Domestic production in combination with reliable European components ensure high performance and reliability. Simple and fast to install, Borey Compact can create optimal working temperature inside even in extreme conditions. The device does not require fresh air intake and therefore fully complies with the requirements for operation with air filtration and ventilation systems
Hot Water Unit HWU 160
Mobile water heater
Innovative mobile water heating device specially designed by TPU to provide hot water in showers and other sanitary facilities in remote locations with no easy access to a centralized water supply system