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Implementation of projects of any complexity level, from concept development to modeling and prototype creation, after-sales service, backed by years of experience in the field and dozens of successful projects realized since 2005

Project Life Cycle

Step 1
Outlining the requirements
At this phase, we discuss, define, and confirm the scope of work in close contact with our client to take into account all the client’s needs
Step 2
Concept development and modeling
Engineering analysis of the technical requirements from the HVAC system and choosing the most optimal solution
Step 3
Development of the product’s configuration according to the approved concept, components selection, and shaping its technical specifications
Step 4
TPU prepares the full package of technical and operational documentation to save the client’s time and eliminate any potential bureaucratic problems in the future
Step 5
Move out to your location to install the ready-made product or do it at our own workshops, supervise and teach your personnel all the necessary knowledge and skills to carry out maintenance of the system
Step 6
Service and customer support
TPU provides guarantee and post-guarantee service for the entire duration of your project

Brands | Partners

German manufacturer of climate control equipment for vehicles
Whisper Power
Whisper Power
Whisper Power
Dutch manufacturer of energy-independent systems and zero-emission solutions
Dutch company producing a wide selection of mobile climate systems
American company with an office in Germany that makes compressors for commercial, heavy-duty and private vehicles
Headquartered in the UK, the company develops fasteners and drive solutions for road transport
MDH Defence
MDH Defence
MDH Defence
British company specializing in manufacture of CBRN-protected vehicles and air filtration systems
Service and support

Turnkey projects

Logistics support sustems
Systems improving the quality of life
We select the equipment and take active part in manufacturing and commissioning of logistics support systems
Heaters to suit any needs
We offer autonomous heaters for vehicles, stationary and temporary buildings, premises. Heaters of own production and well-known brands
Air Conditioning
Full air conditioning units and AC extension systems
We adapt existing or create and manufacture unique autonomous air conditioning systems. We install and expand air conditioners in all types of vehicles, stationary and mobile premises, in accordance with current standards and requirements
Power supply
Autonomous power supply sources
We supply backup power sources to ensure uninterrupted operation of your equipment
Air purification systems
Removal of excess contaminants and infectious agents from the air
We supply air purification systems. The solutions have high performance characteristics, long service life, and preserve people's health and create conditions for optimal equipment operation

Unique turnkey climate systems

We'll thoroughly assess your needs and choose the best solution for you