Quality Management

THERMO PROJECTS UKRAINE LLC quality management policy

The policy in the field of quality is an expression of the desire of the company “THERMO PROJECTS UKRAINE” LLC to achieve leadership in the field of development, implementation and production of climate technology.

We consider the quality of products and services, their constant improvement as the main condition for a long-term presence on the market, strengthening of the economic position and further development of LLC “THERMO PROJECTS UKRAINE”

In order to achieve this, the management of “THERMO PROJECTS UKRAINE” LLC has chosen as one of the important strategic directions the creation and development of the Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2015, DSTU ISO 9001:2015, which is considered as a tool for ensuring identification, management and improvement interrelated business processes and, as a result, effective and high-quality management of the development, implementation and production of products and satisfaction of Consumer requests and expectations.

The policy in the field of quality is based on the participation of every employee in the Quality Management System and is aimed at its constant improvement.

The main task in the field of quality is the formulation of unified goals and directions of activity of THERMO PROJECTS UKRAINE LLC, the creation of conditions for the full involvement of all personnel in the processes of achieving its strategic and current tasks, and the realization of the personal qualities of each employee.

Components of our goal:

  • — continuous improvement of staff work;
  • — improvement of production and services;
  • — development and improvement of the enterprise structure;
  • — increasing the technical level of technological equipment, improving its reliability and economy;
  • — analysis and improvement of the Quality Management System.

This policy is the basis for planning goals, product quality improvement processes, and evaluating the performance of the Quality Management System.

To fulfill these tasks, the management of “THERMO PROJECTS UKRAINE” LLC undertakes:

  • — to act in accordance with the norms of the current legislation of Ukraine, as well as in accordance with the regulatory requirements adopted by the enterprise;
  • — constantly improve the quality management system.


The real Policy in the field of quality is intended to focus the activities of the company’s personnel on the main goals – satisfying consumer requests and ensuring their unconditional trust, creating a reliable, predictable production and product quality management system, strengthening the company’s position on the domestic and foreign markets.