General warranty conditions

General Warranty Terms of the company “THERMO PROJECTS UKRAINE” LLC (hereinafter “TPU”)

The condition for the recognition of warranty claims in accordance with the following provision is that the use and installation of products was carried out in accordance with the current general instructions of “TPU” for use, installation, as well as recommendations or instructions of “TPU” or in accordance with the project agreed with “TPU”. Warranty service is provided in the presence of a correctly completed warranty card of the established model. Otherwise, any claims are excluded.

During the warranty period, “TPU” undertakes to repair or replace with serviceable components of the product supplied by it, which, despite the proper handling of this product (for which a documentary certificate must be provided) and compliance with the current installation instructions ( availability of certificates and permits for the performance of work) and operation, became completely or in a significant part unsuitable for use as a result of defects in the original material or improper manufacturing.

Warranty obligations include the replacement of spare parts and assemblies with the establishment of a limited warranty period, excluding the cost of dismantling work and the cost of transportation costs.

“TPU” undertakes to provide service as quickly as possible – directly or through its official representative. The client is informed about the probable duration of the repair before the start of the repair. Replaced unusable parts and components are not returned to the customer. All claims made on any legal basis to LLC “TPU” or its legal representatives (authorized installers) regarding compensation for any other damages, for example, costs for repair work, removal and new installation of equipment, transportation costs, damages to third parties persons, as well as material objects that are not part of the defective product, are excluded. Changes made by the TPU company to the design or execution of products of a certain model, which were made after receiving the order in relation to all the equipment of the given model that is supplied (which lead to the formal inconsistency of the supplied product with the ordered one) also do not give the right to presentation of warranty claims.

Warranty obligations lose their validity if the product configuration has been changed by installing non-original parts and components, as well as if the current installation and operating instructions have not been followed. A justified warranty claim in itself is not accepted if the possibilities of its satisfaction were significantly limited due to improper handling of the product or any changes to it, for example, by removing part of the parts and components.

Warranty obligations do not extend to products that were installed and serviced in unauthorized services. Also, warranty repairs do not include products purchased outside the “TPU” dealer network. Warranty obligations are observed in the presence of a correctly completed “TPU” Warranty Card. Warranty obligations do not extend to preventive work and maintenance. If the warranty card is lost, a duplicate will not be issued.

Warranty obligations are extended to all components of the product that are included in the delivery kit, the identification number of which is indicated in the Warranty Coupon of the corresponding product, as well as to all components that are indicated in the “Additional “components” column of this coupon. For fast-wearing parts and components (Glow plugs, incandescent lamps, thermal fuses or their fuses, brushes, fuel pumps (pumps), fuel filters, filter driers), natural wear and tear, as well as damage caused by unqualified handling of product, including the use of fuel that does not meet the requirements of DSTU, are excluded from the warranty.

“TPU” disclaims responsibility for changes in the condition or operational properties of the products that occurred as a result of their improper storage, extreme (beyond the permissible ranges indicated in the technical characteristics) climatic and other influences. The warranty does not extend to defects based on design errors or selection of unsuitable material, if the Customer, despite objections, insists on such design or use of such material.

Conditions or reservations regarding warranty obligations that do not correspond to the current Warranty Conditions or General Terms of Sale and Supply of “TPU”, regardless of who, when and in what form they are established, are invalid. Claims under the guarantee are taken into account only if they are declared in writing immediately upon discovery with a clearly formulated demand for free elimination of defects. Repair or replacement of the product is not a reason to extend or restore its warranty period.

The proper processing of a warranty claim, issued in accordance with the above provisions, requires that a warranty card filled out in.

The procedure for warranty appeals to “THERMO PROJECTS UKRAINE” LLC.

In case of detection of defects during the operation of the products, you can contact:

  • — “TPU” LLC;
  • — Authorized service center “TPU” in your region;


Complaints about detected defects must be submitted no later than 30 days after the defect was discovered.

Defects of zero kilometers are not covered by the warranty period, so the application must be made before the start of product operation

To apply, you will need:

  • — a completed product warranty card
  • — a copy of the invoice for products and/or product installation services;
  • — a detailed description of the problem you encountered.


When contacting an authorized TPU service center, a full diagnosis and identification of the causes of the deficiencies you have identified will be carried out. According to the results of the diagnosis, the following can be detected:

  • — In case of detection of a zero-kilometer defect, TPU LLC undertakes to replace the defective part in the shortest possible time. The replacement is carried out only after receipt of the defective part by “TPU” LLC. LLC “TPU” assumes the costs of transportation of defective parts, provided that the method of transportation is previously agreed with LLC “TPU”.
  • — If, according to the results of the diagnostics, it is found that your case is covered by the warranty, TPU LLC undertakes to repair the product as soon as possible. When replacing spare parts and performing repair work, a warranty period of up to 90 days from the date of repair work is established for the product as a whole, but not longer than the general warranty period. If the warranty period for the product expires earlier, the warranty is established only for the replaced spare parts.
  • — In case, according to the results of diagnostics, it is found that your case is not covered by the warranty (the warranty period has expired, the installation requirements are violated, the operating conditions are violated, etc.), you will be offered the repair and the approximate cost of this repair. When repairs are carried out at the authorized service center of TPU LLC, replaced parts and repair work are covered by a warranty period of 12 months from the date of repair.