Engineering Services

Professional assistance for your projects

Project design

TPU offers a comprehensive range of services in the field of design and development of climate control systems. Our projects are used in various types of vehicles, civilian and military alike, also containers, shelters, and more. We can find effective solutions to specific and non-standard needs of our customers, tailored to the configuration, dimensions, and other platform parameters for seamless integration of climate control systems

Our design services include:

  • — analysis of client’s requirements
  • — selection of optimal technical solutions
  • — developing and documenting the project in compliance with all necessary regulatory requirements and standards



Engineering solutions for developing, implementing, and optimizing the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning systems for transport vehicles and temporary/mobile structures. Our services cover all aspects of this process, from design and project calculations to implementation and after-sales support

TPU's Engineering Services portfolio

Among our successful projects are custom-designed heating and air conditioning systems for transport, containers, and shelters, as well as mobile hot water supply systems, power supply generators, and field kitchens

We are the first Ukrainian company to develop and manufacture our own highly efficient air conditioning system for tents, the Borey Tent series; we created a portable air heater for temporary structures and premises, among other innovations

Additionally, we have successfully launched Ukrainian counterparts to the imported electronic controls for air conditioners and heaters. Our design department utilizes state-of-the-art software and methods, complemented by vast practical experience in ensuring smooth progress at all stages of production, from draft design to implementation, successful certification, and subsequent launch into mass production

TPU's some projects

Kozak-5A APC: comprehensive AC system
Full-fledged second-contour air conditioning system for the landing squad companrment of an armored personnel carrier
An equipment kit, developed by TPU specialists to complement the in-built standard air conditioning system of the Kozak-5A multirole armored MRAP vehicle for police and special forces
Otaman-series APC: climate control system
Double-contour HVAC system for military heavy armored personnel carriers
Comprehensive heating, ventillation, and air cooling system for military armored personnel carriers for conditioning of both the chassis and the crew compartment. Implemented in the projects of Otaman 6x6 and Otaman 8x8 APCs
Kozak-series APCs: AC extensions
Integrated solution for an AC extension system for Kozak-2M1 and Kozak-5 armored personnel carriers
Integrated Air Conditioning extension system for armored personnel carriers. For the domestic customer, we equipped the Kozak-2M1 with an additional evaporative cooler to lower the temperature in the landing squad compartment.

The 6 kW air conditioner creates a comfortable environment inside the cabin, operating independently from the main system. It maintains an optimal temperature even when the engine is off