Kozak-series armored vehicles: AC extensions


Kozak-2M1 / Kozak-5

An integrated solution for extending the standard air conditioning system for armored vehicles. For a domestic customer, we equipped the “Kozak” series vehicles with an additional evaporator for cooling the troop compartment. According to the technical specification, it was necessary to provide air conditioning for the crew compartment by enhancing the power of the existing air conditioner. The new unit had to be vertical and fit into a 400 mm niche. Thus, to meet the customer’s needs, TPU engineers calculated the required power and developed the new “Kyiv-50” evaporator, which became the ideal universal solution for the entire series of armored vehicles. The evaporator is housed in a metal casing with a system for distributing cooled air.

In addition to the air conditioning system, a heater for preheating the engine is installed, allowing for a quick start without additional wear on the vehicle’s equipment. An autonomous air heater for the cabin is also included. This allows for the effective use of the vehicle in harsh operating conditions, ensuring comfort and reliability regardless of the circumstances.