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Kyiv 50 and Kharkiv 90

Originally developed for military and law enforcement, ready-made autonomous systems and AC expansions for vehicles are versatile and suitable for vehicles of special military or civilian, humanitarian purposes.

The equipment combines compact dimensions with high performance, ensuring crew comfort and reliable engine start even at extreme temperatures ranging from –40 to +55 °C. Thanks to this, armored vehicles equipped with our systems show adaptivity and top-notch performance around the globe.

Complementing the standard pre-built air conditioner for the chassis, our expansions allow you to increase the efficiency of the climate control system and adapt it to the required specifications while preserving the compliance of the final result with the original product’s terms of the warranty and maintenance service, with the requirements for eco-friendliness and certification.

Borey-series monoblock conditioners

Space-efficient devices and air conditioning systems of TPU’s own development, honed to the specific needs of our clients. The series includes four solutions that can provide the specified air parameters in a wide range of applications: from small awnings to temporary premises and structures up to 40 square meters in size. Products of the series are actively used in the civil and defense sectors.

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