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Field Kitchen Unit

Ukraine’s first field kitchen project of domestic production, developed and implemented by TPU in a joint effort with a our partner. The complex has passed the inspection by military representation offices, adopted for service, and entered mass production.

The container-type kitchen unit is implemented in two configuration modes: ready for transportation and the operational state. When ready for transportation, it’s a compact container convenient for moving by truck (trailer), rail, air, or sea transport.

The unit unfolds into an autonomous kitchen measuring 22 m² in the operational configuration. We have specially selected professional kitchen equipment, including an electric vegetable cutter, a slicer, a refrigerator–freezer, an induction stove, a steam boiler, a dishwasher, etc. All these are packed in a special way so the kitchen can be neatly folded back into the transportation mode.

The unit is designed to cater to a group of up to 500 people, thus providing the opportunity to prepare fresh and hot food even in remote areas.

Mobile bath-and-laundry unit

The mobile bath and laundry unit is a special project of Thermo Projects Ukraine LLC commissioned by the military. The system is designed to meet the household needs of servicemen out in the field, and is equipped accordingly for use in harsh climates and rural areas with no easy access to a hot water supply network.

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