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Ready-made solutions successfully used in projects

FAH 40/55

The FAH 40/55 is a standalone mobile air heater, a TPU’s proprietary project developed from scratch. It is designed to heat tents, canopies, temporary and stationary spaces up to 10 м², up to 2.5 m high. The heater requires a 12V power source for operation.

It features an integrated emergency power supply system to ensure uninterrupted operation in case it’s unexpectedly disconnected from the main power source. It also has its own fuel delivery system with a built-in fuel tank (5 liters) nested inside the casing. For indoor placement, the heater has an optional extension for the exhaust gas outlet system.

Outdoor hot air cannons

Diesel-powered heat generators for tents, temporary premises, military camps, field hospitals, etc. Durable, compact, and mobile, they withstand low temperatures up to –45°С.

Water heaters

Autonomous parking heating systems for engine heating to optimal starting temperatures in winter, quick defrosting of the windows, and creating comfort inside the cabin.  There are models for cars, light trucks, minivans; for commercial, agricultural, and specialized vehicles.

Unique turnkey climate systems

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