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CBRN Filtration Unit

Developed in full compliance with the NATO AEP-54 standard, the CBRN protection air purifier from the specialized German manufacturer MDH Defence guarantees the removal of up to 98% of dust, which is confirmed by tests with the BS1701 Coarse microparticles mixture.

The filtration unit has convenient mechanical controls, and replacing the filter itself takes only a few minutes. Reliable: the control panel has a pressure sensor. If it drops to a low level, the indicator makes sound and visual signals, and in case of a critical drop, the system is safely turned off thanks to the blackout function.

Composite CBRN Filters 325/350

CBRN Filters from the German company MDH Defence were developed in full compliance with the NATO AEP-54 standard.

TPU offers composite filters for military and special operations as well as budget-friendly high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters for peacetime. The composite CBRN filter is capable of removing all known chemical and biological hazards from the air, plus most threats from the Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs) class.

The consumable HEPA-only filter provides a lower-cost option for where dust and particulate filtration is still essential. In addition, there is also a training filter with an unlimited service life. All products are made in a reliable metal casing.

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