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Diesel-powered generators

Autonomous power plants to provide backup electricity supply through the operation of a diesel engine. Our products are widely used both in the industrial sector and in everyday life.

Depending on the operating mode, one generator can provide electricity at the power level of: a gas boiler (0.5 kW), a refrigerator (0.7 kW), a washing machine (1 kW), a dishwasher (1.2 kW), a microwave furnace (0.9 kW), an oil heater (2.2 kW), an infrared heater (2.2 kW), etc.

Inverter charger

This is a 2-in-1 device: inverter and battery charger. Ideal for installation in tight spaces such as a residential house, boat cabin, RV or trailer interior.

The inverter will provide backup power for 220V AC devices by using the energy from the 12V battery and automatically charging it when the AC power grid is available again. The function of multi-stage charge from the inverter is compatible with any type of battery.

Gel batteries

Deep-cycle batteries designed for use with inverters and uninterruptible power sources. The key feature is durability: the service life of such a product reaches 12 years. Null gas emissions allow the use of gel batteries in residential premises as a source of uninterrupted power supply.

Unique turnkey climate systems

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