Kozak-5A armored vehicle: comprehensive AC system


An equipment kit, developed by TPU specialists to complement the in-built standard air conditioning system of the Kozak-5A multirole armored MRAP vehicle for police and special forces. Our climate system acts as a secondary air conditioning for the landing squad compartment inside the vehicle, independently from the main chassis conditioner. Our equipment is a full-fledged second-contour HVAC with its own compressor, condenser, evaporator and control panels.

The system boasts a cooling power of 9 kW as it was created specifically for export to countries with hot climates to ensure crew comfort, which is especially useful during long missions. For this, an additional high-power evaporative cooler is installed in the rear part of the landing compartment. The AC system can create a comfortable microclimate inside the armored vehicle even at outside temperatures ranging from –40 to 55 °C.







Kyiv 50 and Kharkiv 90

Originally developed for military and law enforcement, ready-made autonomous systems and AC expansions for vehicles are versatile and suitable for vehicles of military, special, humanitarian, or civilian purposes.

Our engineers integrated these HVAC solutions into the Khorunzhyi armored personnel carriers, ensuring the comfort of the crew and the reliable start of the vehicle’s engine even at extreme temperatures ranging from –40 to +55 °C.

Complementing the standard pre-built air conditioner for the chassis, our expansions allow you to increase the efficiency of the climate control system and adapt it to the required specifications while preserving the compliance of the final result with the original product’s terms of the warranty and maintenance service, with the requirements for eco-friendliness and certification.




Kozak-2M1 / Kozak-5

Integrated solution for an AC extension system for Kozak-2M1 and Kozak-5 armored personnel carriers. For the domestic customer, we equipped the Kozak-2M1 with an additional evaporative cooler for the landing squad compartment of the vehicle. The 6 kW air conditioner creates a comfortable environment inside the cabin, operating independently from the main system. It maintains an optimal temperature even when the engine is off.

Additionally, the system comes with a parking heater to warm up the vehicle before the ignition, ensuring a quick engine start without additional wear of the powertrain. These features allow you to effectively use the vehicle in challenging operating conditions, with unwavering comfort and reliability regardless of the circumstances.

When working on the newer Kozak-5 armored vehicle, we integrated an additional unified evaporator for cooling the landing compartment into the standard AC system taking care of the chassis. The evaporator is made in a metal case and is equipped with a cold air distribution system.