Kozak-5A armored vehicle: comprehensive AC system

The climate control system, developed by TPU specialists, is designed to cool the rear compartment of the Kozak-5A universal armored vehicle of the MRAP class for police and special forces.

Our climate control system acts as a secondary circuit that provides comfort in the crew compartment, independent of the main air conditioner of the armored vehicle chassis, which only cools the driver and front passenger. It is a fully functional air conditioner with a separate compressor, condenser, evaporator, and control panel.

The system has a cooling capacity of 9 kW and is specifically designed for export to countries with hot climates to ensure crew comfort in extremely high temperatures. For this purpose, an additional high-power evaporator with a separate air duct, specially developed based on the customer’s requirements, is installed in the rear part of the troop compartment. The air conditioning system can create a comfortable microclimate inside the armored vehicle even at ambient temperatures up to +55 °C.