TPU received a Certificate of conformity for the Borey-Tent air conditioner

We are pleased to announce that Thermo Project Ukraine LLC (TPU) has received a certificate of conformity for Borey-Tent 120 – a monoblock mobile air conditioner of the Borey series, developed in Ukraine to provide air conditioning, heating (optionally) and ventilation of tents and temporary structures.

Borei-Tent should be placed outside the room and connected to it with flexible sleeves. The air conditioner is pre-charged with refrigerant and can be put into operation in a matter of minutes.

Borey-Tent 120 / 170 is a Ukrainian product using high-quality European components. The mobility of the air conditioner combined with the high cooling capacity of 12 or 17 kW guarantee the optimal working temperature inside the tent or temporary structure under any conditions.