Professional system installation and supervision

Thermo Projects Ukraine LLC offers professional installation services for autonomous heating and air conditioning systems in your vehicles. Whether you have cars, trucks, trains, or armored boats, we have solutions tailored to your operating conditions and needs.

With over 15 years of experience in installing and maintaining autonomous HVAC systems, our technicians possess the necessary knowledge and skills for meticulous integration of new or expansion of pre-installed heating and air conditioning systems, considering the unique features of each vehicle type.

Our services include overseeing the installation process, where our qualified technicians ensure everything is properly connected and operational. We provide recommendations and training to your personnel, ensuring they can perform installations correctly and efficiently.

We use only high-quality components from world-famous brands and ensure quality control at every stage of project implementation, guaranteeing that our systems are reliable and durable.

At TPU, we take pride in our personalized approach to serving our customers. Our company has the industrial capacity and expertise to develop, implement, and mass-produce unique solutions specifically designed to meet your needs.