Field Kitchen Unit

The first field kitchen project of domestic production in Ukraine, developed and implemented in collaboration with a Ukrainian partner. The complex has been inspected by military representatives, adopted for service, and launched into mass production.

The container-type kitchen module is realized in two configurations: transport position and operational position. In the transport position, it is a compact container that can be conveniently transported and moved on a truck (trailer), or by rail, air, or sea transport.

In the operational position, the complex unfolds into an autonomous kitchen space of 22 m². We have specially selected professional kitchen equipment, including a combi oven, high-capacity cooking kettles, a dishwasher, an electric vegetable cutter, a slicer, refrigeration and freezing units, an electric stove, and more. All of this is arranged in a way that allows for compact folding into the transport position. Additionally, at the request of the end customer, our engineers designed and manufactured a serving tray that accommodates food portions according to the standards of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Moreover, the TPU team has implemented temperature control in the kitchen module, designed, and installed air conditioning and heating systems. We have also organized the power supply for the kitchen module. The mobile kitchen complex is powered by a generator designed and developed by TPU according to the technical specifications of the end customer.

The complex is designed to provide meals for groups of up to 500 people, enabling the preparation of fresh and hot meals even in hard-to-reach areas.