Hot Water Unit HWU 160


Innovative mobile water heating device specially designed by TPU to provide hot water in showers and other sanitary facilities in remote locations with no easy access to a centralized water supply system.

The system can provide hot water for up to 2 shower cubicles in a fast-deployment tent. The innovative design implemented with high-quality European components ensures high reliability, ease of installation, and quick connecting process.


  • Compact and portable: the HWU 160 is compact and lightweight, making it an ideal choice for challenging environments and remote locations, such as campsites, construction sites, or tourist destinations.
  • Performance: in one hour, the HWU 160 heats up to 360 liters of water to a maximum temperature of 40°C. Minimizing temperature fluctuations makes it possible to provide hot water to several shower heads simultaneously. The device runs on diesel fuel.
  • Easy to use: The water heater is easy to install and maintain, the user-friendly design makes it suitable for a wide range of users without requiring any significant experience with equipment.