Quality and guarantees

Quality and reliability are the fundamental priorities of Thermo Projects Ukraine LLC. We strive to provide climate solutions that demonstrate high endurance and unwavering performance in the most challenging environments.

By investing in our products, you save time and money on maintenance, because we not only provide reliable and durable air conditioning systems, but also the most accessible and easy service in case of need.

Guiding principles of our work:

Only high quality materials

The reliability of any system is determined primarily by the quality of its components. In our products, we use only proven components from world-renowned manufacturers, which guarantees a long service life and ease of repair of our products. If necessary, all components can be quickly replaced with similar ones from the warehouse, so you will not have to wait a long time for service for the system you purchased from our production.

Quality control

Each product undergoes strict quality control at all stages of design and production. Thus, we guarantee full compliance with all current requirements and standards. Our specialists also have experience in preparing relevant documentation, which will ease the bureaucratic procedures related to the operation of the product.


Continuous improvement

Our specialists work tirelessly to improve our technologies, production processes and services, which is confirmed by Ukrainian and international certificates of conformity, including the ISO 9000 standard.

During the entire after-sales stage of project implementation, we actively introduce updates and modernizations to our products, which is also provided for in the terms of service provision. By purchasing our product, you can be sure that it will remain relevant and meet current realities and needs.

Warranty and service

All our products and services have a warranty period, during which the company provides comprehensive support in solving any problematic issues. TPU has direct logistics connections with suppliers in many countries around the world, as well as warehouses with ready-made components, which ensures the most prompt repair and service for the systems you purchase.

International partners trust our services, so you can get all the necessary help with the material part locally at our facilities in Ukraine. TPU is also the official and exclusive representative of such companies as Webasto, Thermomobile, MDH Defense and WhisperPower on the Ukrainian market, directly serving consumers of their products in Ukraine.